A Sunday story everyday

A Sunday story everyday

"Write what should not be forgotten." - Isabel Allende

Welcome to our blog. Finally. It took a long time to get this started and after an unplanned social media hiatus at that. This will be a space for thoughts, conversations, ideas, and stories about culture, community, collaboration, and everything Filipino that are too long for an Instagram caption. ;)

It all started on Malingkat's Instagram page where I posted random stories during Sundays about special places, things, and memories. I wrote about visiting a  memorable place from my childhood, walking around an almost empty Acad Oval in UP after the lockdown, interesting finds from Carbon Market in Cebu and sometimes, quotes from my favorite writers and poets.

Faw Maridul founder of Malingkat Weaves at the Aga Khan Museum in MSU Marawi City Lanao del Sur
Visiting the Aga Khan Museum at the MIndanao State University - Marawi campus where we lived for a few years when I was younger

I looked forward to Sundays when I was a child. It meant extra pages of comic strips, puzzles, and other kid-friendly activities in the newspaper. As I grew older, I turned to the lifestyle sections and magazines that made Sunday editions thicker than usual. Reading the newspaper was one of those quiet bonding moments I shared with my father, an activity we both enjoyed when he was alive.

Sundays also brought unexpected treats like going swimming at Timoga Pools, eating out, or visiting my mother's cousins in their house surrounded with trees and lots of space for us kids to run around in. But my most favorite Sunday surprise back then would be a day trip to Cagayan de Oro and getting a Happy Meal at McDonald's.

There's just something special about Sundays. Whatever the reason is for people to come together on that day - to worship, feast, rest, or explore, one thing is for certain - there will always be lots of heartwarming memories and stories to pass around until the next Sunday comes along.

Here's to everyday that feels like a Sunday story. 


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