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Last July 28, 2022, the program titled "Better Together: Building Economic Resilience and Connecting ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs with Australia 2022" was formally launched virtually. 

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Faw Maridul is the founder of Malingkat Weaves, a social and cultural community based in the Philippines. We recently sat down with Faw, as she shared her stories of the tribes and communities behind the loom.


Named for the Tausug word that means beautiful, Malingkat aims to share the intricate and exquisite beauty of Philippine weaves, especially those from the island of Mindanao. 

"We work with weavers and artisans mostly from Mindanao in co-creating fabrics that retain traditional patterns but in more contemporary color palettes for our collection of small batch home and lifestyle pieces," explained founder Faw Maridul.

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Years ago, social  enterprises were a novelty that simply piqued the interest of consumers. Nowadays, such cause-driven enterprises are so prolific that it's  suddenly become  the norm. This leaves consumers with a multitude of options, from well-established brands to promising newcomers. The latter are rising enterprises that are exerting their best efforts in fighting the good  fight, and their advocacies demand your attention.  Here, we  present eight emerging social enterprises that are making a big impact in their  own  little  way.

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10 New Picks for Your Shopping List This September

These reusable eco bags from Malingkat Weaves showcase handwoven textiles from all over the Philippines. They come in various patterns and colors, making them great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. Plus, the fabric used for the eco bags is water-resistant, keeping your things or your purchases safe and dry. We love how it can be zipped up into a beautiful pouch so you can toss one or two in your everyday bag with no problem! 

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Malingkat: Honoring the Makers' Hands

A NAME drapes over your destiny much the same way clothing does. Your name can say a lot about your story in the same manner that clothing can. For Faw Maridul, founder of Malingkat, destiny can be found in both her own name and the brand’s: “Fawziyyah” means “successful” in Arabic, while “malingkat” means “beautiful” in Tausug.

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Ten social enterprises emerged as the winners of BPI Sinag Awards 2019, BPI Foundation’s flagship program championing Filipino social enterprises.

The top 10 awardees of BPI Sinag Year 5 are Gi Crafts Shell, Museum & GalleryMalingkat EnterpriseMeaningful Travels PhOrganic Growth, and Yumi’s Farm for the top six to ten and Down to Earth, Halal Organics Crops Production, Mavil’s, House of MushroomsSabang Daguitan Surf Camp & Dao Balay Kawilan, and Subida for the top one to five.

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Weaving Beauty and Success Behind Every Fabric 

It is true that behind every person or object is a story to tell. For Fawziyah Maridul’s Malingkat Weaves, it is no different. Born from a union of two faiths, that is from a Tausug father and a Protestant mother, Fawziyyah Maridul, or Faw among friends, managed to embrace differences and be proud of it. 

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From Tribal Lands in South, Enterprise Brings Hand-Woven Textiles to Mainstream Market

Malingkat Enterprise, one of the awardees of the recent BPI Sinag competition, currently sells hand-woven fabrics sourced from their partner weavers from indigenous tribes, such as Maranao, Yakan and Tausug, and even community weavers from Abra. Moreover, Malingkat Enterprise works directly with individual weavers and their extended family because it believes it can create a more measurable impact.

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Malingkat Handwoven Textiles Sustainable Fashion Trend

A Glimpse Into the Growing Trend of Sustainable Fashion in the Philippines

Last year was touted as the “year of sustainability,” but looking back at all the recent developments in 2019 thus far, the relevance of sustainable movements in business has definitely solidified. 

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