The search for the perfect table runner

The search for the perfect table runner

Malingkat's story began in part with my search for the perfect table runner for our dining table. I didn't have anything specific in mind. I didn't even realize I wanted or needed a table runner until I was in my mid-30s. I checked specialty stores and my favorite online shop with curated pieces from all over the world, but nothing "spoke" to me.

Until I went to a local fair and saw stacks of absolutely gorgeous and colorful handwoven Yakan fabrics. I immediately imagined it resplendently laid out on our table, I had found my perfect table runner. And the best part? It was locally made by a Muslim tribe from Mindanao.

Yakan weaver on the loom at the Yakan WEaving Center in Zamboanga City_indigenous handwoven textiles by Malingkat Weaves Philippines

I knew right there and then what I wanted to do - showcase and promote our handwoven fabrics and the tribes and artisans that make them, with special focus on Muslim Mindanao, one table runner at a time.

handwoven table runners from Yakan indigenous fabrics in neutral colors_Malingkat WEaves
Custom woven Yakan table runner in neutral colors
(Photo from @StyledbyNoelle)
I also knew there could only be one name for this new venture (and personal adventure). It is a word I grew up hearing from my father's side of the family - malingkat. It means beautiful in the Tausug language, a perfect word to describe our indigenous weaves.


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